The Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Computer) programme shall produce semi-professionals who are:

1.    Apply technical knowledge and social science / humanities knowledge to well defined electronic engineering (computer) problem and to the personality development of individual respectively

2.    Solve well-defined electrical and electronic engineering related problems systematically by applying critical thinking skill and using appropriate tools and techniques

3.    Analyse and investigate well-defined electrical and electronic engineering problems

4.    Design well defined engineering solutions for electrical and electronic engineering systems

5.    Demonstrate practical skill in utilizing modern electrical and electronic engineering tools and design packages

6.    Communicate effectively with the engineering community and the society at large

7.    Demonstrate awareness and consideration for societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities, taking into account the need for sustainable development

8.    Engage in independent acquisition of new knowledge and skill, and recognize the need for professional development and information management

9.    Demonstrate an awareness for entrepreneurship

10.  Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of electrical and electronic engineering practices

11.  Function individually or in teams, effectively, with a capability to be a leader