Programs offered for International Students

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering MQA/FA3193
  • Diploma in Architecture MQA/FA1367
  • Diploma in Geomatic MQA/FA1368


The Diploma in Civil Engineering study program is designed to equip students with the theoretical knowledge, technical skills and behaviors required in the field of civil engineering. The implementation of teaching and learning activities of this study program is carried out on campus and on construction sites covering the scope of work in the construction industry which includes aspects of use of construction materials and technologies, design of structures and methods of construction, laws and regulations of Local Authorities, safety interests and occupational health as well as environmental care. Soft skills, communication skills and teamwork are also applied to students so that they can communicate, interact and work in a team responsibly and effectively. All knowledge and skills acquired by students are very useful to build a career or further their studies to higher levels in the field. civil engineering.


Job opportunities for students after graduation with a Diploma in Civil Engineering are as follows:

• Assistant engineer

• Technical assistant

• Site supervisor

• Building Materials Coordinator

• Site Work Clerk

• Health and Safety Officer

• Research assistant

• Building Materials Supplier

• Construction contractor