The Diploma in Civil Engineering programme shall produce semi-professionals who are:

1.    Apply technical, mathematics, science and humanities knowledge using appropriate civil engineering problems for individual personality development

2.    Solve systematically well-defined civil engineering problems using appropriate method and technique

3.    Conduct investigation of well-defined civil engineering problems

4.    Assist in designing solution for well-defined civil engineering problems with appropriate consideration for public safety, health and environment

5.    Demonstrate practical skills in utilizing civil engineering tools, equipment and machinery

6.    Communicate effectively with colleagues communities and industries

7.    Demonstrate awareness for society, safety, environment and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities of sustainable development

8.    Work independently in acquisition of new knowledge and skills, and recognised the need for professional development and information system

9.    Demonstrate awareness in entrepreneurial skills

10.  Demonstrate understanding of professional ethics and responsibilities to the society

11. Function effectively as individual and teams with the capability to be a leader