Politeknik Ungku Omar through its Covid’19 Command Center started their effort to eased PUO students during this Restricted Movement Order period.

The task force led by PUO Deputy Director for Academic, Mr. Muhammad Zubir Bin Mohd Hanifah & Deputy Director for Academic Supports, Mr. Juhaidie Zamani Bin Jamaluddin, with the allignment from Students Affairs Department & Student Representative Councils initiate this project just in the few days.

The project was carried in 2 phases. Phases 1 (24th Mac 2020) and Phases 2 (25 th Mac 2020) was a success story. Students were supplied with a lunch pack. Total students who benefited from this project were around 492 students.

Students whose staying at hostels also were not forgotten by PUO’s Covid’19 Command Center. All 79 students wellfare were being handled earlier.

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